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about us

It started with chiropractic care and nutrition. Then, we added stress-based research and a customized model of evaluating people's health and  how to best support them. It changed everything. We have since added life coaching, mindful eating, massage therapy, energy healing and workshops. The O Institute provides a space for healing, community, education, and experience beyond just health and into well being.

Our Research

Our research is primarily on stress and how it affects our health and well being. This research has shown us the processes that the human body goes through when it is exposed to chronic stress. We are a unique clinical practice because we do in-house research. We do both case study research with real patients as well as scholarly research of the latest scientific studies and health care field.

Our Services


We employ a stress based and holistic perspective in the assessment and delivery of your 
treatment plan, making corrections to the neurology and musculoskeletal system through 
chiropractic adjustments using a variety of gentle and non invasive tools and techniques. The 
emotional and spiritual aspects of health are also addressed, ensuring a comprehensive 
approach to your well being. 


We offer a structured nutritional program that is appropriate for your specific needs. We use 
health food recommendations and the highest quality nutritional supplements to further enhance  
healing and vitality. 

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy provides a relaxing and therapeutic way to eliminate musculoskeletal and joint pain, as well as release energetic and emotional blockages.

Life Coaching

Our life coach provides a supportive relationship that enhances your ability to learn, make desired changes, solve problems, and achieve goals. She is trained to elicit and enhance the skills, resources, and creativity that you already possess and help you discover your true aspirations and what must happen manifest these goals.

Dr Kelila Kasim, DC

Dr. Kelila received her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University and has a passion for helping others understand and restore the complex nature of their body. Because each body is different, Dr. Kelila likes to incorporate multiple techniques to ensure each patient is treated as an individual, including but not limited to: Applied Kinesiology, Trigger Point, as well as diversified, full-body and extremity adjusting. For true health, we must address not only the physical structure but also the emotional (mental) and chemical (metabolic/nutritional) make-up; all aspects need to be functioning optimally to create a solid foundation for innate healing.

Dr. Kelila has a strong passion for nutrition and continues her post- graduate study in Functional Medicine in the field of Applied Nutrition. This specialty addresses the underlying causes of disease (digestive, hormonal and metabolic, etc.) that lead to many common symptoms, such as migraines/headaches, digestive complaints (IBS/colitis/Crohn’s/heartburn), fatigue and chronic fatigue, PMS, weight gain, and depression/anxiety.  

Dr. Kelila is passionate about empowering people to take control of their health and guiding patients to discover the gifts that moving, thinking, and eating right offer. 

Dr Thomas Kim, DC

Mind-body medicine to help people understand the root cause of their health issues and empower them to achieve an overall state of well being.

Cristiana Blasutta, LC CHHC

Cristiana Blasutta is a Certified Life and Health Coach. She received her training from the CTA (Coach Training Alliance) and from the IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition). Cristiana was born and raised in Italy, and she moved to the US in 2004. Since she was a little girl, she has been fascinated by other people’s life and she could spend hours deeply listening to her friends’ stories.

She loves the beauty of life and she is attracted to beautiful souls. In her coaching, as well as in her personal life, she likes to go deep and create a “heart-to-heart” connection, the only one she believes can change lives for the better because it shows the depth of our souls. With her sensitivity and intuition, Cristiana will help you discover your inner light, your real beauty and shine.


Before I found The O Institute, the word chiropractor scared me. I had this vision that I would be poked, popped, and prodded without a sense of the "whole me." Dr. Kelila, Dr. Anne, and Dr. Thomas have completely opened my eyes to a unique way of being in the Chiropractic world. To them, I say Thank You! 

After being rear-ended in November 2015, I started seeing Dr. Kelila without really knowing how my life would change. In the six short months of our relationship, my awareness, knowledge, and appreciation for my body has exponentially grown. For years, I have been a yoga practitioner and yoga teacher with a great knowledge of the physical body. Or so I thought! After my injuries in 2015, I was exposed to such a holistic wisdom that our beings are so finely intertwined. I witnessed how what I ate, how I moved, and even what emotions I was feeling influenced my physical body. I know more about who I am now, than I did 6 months ago. And my body has healed sustainably because I know what the root causes are of my ailments. I don't wish anyone to get into a car accident, but I'm so grateful that mine landed me among such a wonderful group of experts, who have become friends. 

Each week I show up to The O Institute and I feel like I'm walking into a friends home. Everyone is welcoming, empathetic, and authentic. Exactly the kind of place that I want to be taken care of at.

- Emily K.

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